Amateur Radio Experiments by MØTTZ

Hello, World!

This is MØTTZ, name is Ahmed and it’s a pleasure to share with you my amateur radio experiments on my little space on the Internet.

I’m currently operating as MMØTTZ from Scotland (Regional Secondary Locator: M); MØTTZ is my callsign while operating from England.

Mostly interested in amateur radio satellite operation and tracking; SDR; HF; building web tools, circuits, gadgets and antennae.

Please consider following me on Twitter @hefnawi_.

I also invite you to check out my general blog hefnawi.me.

Questions, suggestions and feedback are always welcome!

You can also contact me via this e-mail: M0TTZ at qsl.net

73 de MØTTZ.

P.S. This website is mirrored on QSL.NET service; I mean it is available simultaneously on M0TTZ.UK and QSL.NET/M0TTZ

P.P.S. I do not track you by any means on this website, so please get in touch either via email or twitter to share your opinion and/or your thoughts. I do value your privacy and you do not represent a metric to me; but rather a valued human being! Peace & Love!

Ahmed Hefnawi - MMØTTZ
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